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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Session - Track 3
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Monday, March 31, 2008 - 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Strategic Session 3

Incorporating Self-Assessments in Your Business Continuity Plan

John Tartaglia
Strohl Systems

Business continuity planning does not take place in a vacuum. Every planner faces the challenges of justifying expenses and securing resources in order to build and maintain a successful BCP program. How can you raise awareness of the program and identify achievable goals? Planners need to incorporate self-assessments and scoring matrices into their continuity plan. This session will discuss measuring the organization’s readiness and understanding risks and holes in the plan via scoring. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to determine where their program is and where it is heading.
John Tartaglia is Strohl Systems’ senior technology risk management consultant specializing in business continuity/disaster recovery planning project management, development and implementation Tartaglia has more than 18 years experience in information security risk management, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.



Managerial Session 3

The Convergence of Email Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Paul D’Arcy

Over the last year, disaster recovery, compliance, and archiving have become increasingly intertwined. In 2006, new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure changed the way electronic information such as email and digital files must be produced for litigation.
As a result, U.S. companies have been forced to pay billions of dollars to unearth digital records from back-up tapes originally implemented for disaster recovery. New best practices are emerging for holistic management of digital data such as email. As disaster recovery and archiving converge, leading companies are reinventing the way they manage data to improve policy management, reduce costs, and lower legal and compliance risk. This session will thoroughly cover the new compliance, legal discovery, and retention rules for managing digital data and their dramatic impact on disaster recovery.

Paul D’Arcy is vice president of worldwide marketing for MessageOne and an expert on email and crisis communication infrastructure. With more than 15 years of technology marketing experience, he is a published author and a frequent speaker at industry conferences.


Technical Session 3

Implementing a High-Availability Web-Based Environment

Cheryl Carmel
SunGard Availability Services

As more and more organizations build and implement internal web-based applications that drive major business objectives, they are faced with the design and implementation of a solution that will ensure a high level of resiliency and data protection. This discussion is designed to share experiences and practical application of tools that are available to build resilience into web-based applications in your own environment.
Cheryl Carmel, CISSP, director of customer support center for SunGard Availability Services Software Products Group. Her responsibilities include design, implementation and management of SunGard’s hosting environment for the commercial software products.


Emergency Response Session 3

BIA: The Next Generation

Peter Laz, MBCP

Lewis Cox, CBCP

The output of a BIA is critical information for developing cost efficient and effective recovery strategies and capabilities. Historically however, conducting a BIA has been unnecessarily time consuming and inefficient. The Next Generation of BIAs has arrived. Learn practical approaches for conducting a BIA in your organization that will produce meaningful results to aid in the success of your BC program. You will also receive guidance on appropriately balancing recovery requirements with costs and maintaining your impact profile without having to use unnecessary person-hours to get the job done.
Peter Laz, MBCP, is a senior consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group. He is a member of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board, a board member of PPBI and program director of the Capital Region Chapter ACP.
Lewis Cox, CBCP, is a managing consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group. He is a member of the BRPASW (Wisconsin Chapter), the Executive Technology Club (Chicago Chapter) and PPBI.


Advanced Session 3

Human Continuity: The People Side of BC

Gerald Lewis, Ph.D
G. Lewis & Assc.

Steve Zirkel

Today’s BC plans frequently incorporate redundancy in their data centers, telecommunications capabilities, and IT resources. While data and communications integrity is fundamental, businesses are focusing on how to protect the most critical component of their organizations – the workforce itself – in order to be truly resilient. We will discuss the life cycle of a crisis and the importance of pre-, mid-, and post-incident plans, services, and strategies to help mitigate the impact of a crisis on personnel. Learn communication strategies and best practices to help you connect, protect and account for your human capital.
Dr. Gerald Lewis, Ph.D an international consultant, has worked with government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and private businesses on a wide range of work, behavioral health and organizational issues.
Steve Zirkel has more than 18 years of CRM and contact center industry experience. As GM of the BC segment, he drives the growth, knowledge and innovation, as well as directing the overall operations for the company.


Information Session 3

The Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) Certification Process

You’ve taken a few DRII courses, even sat for the certification exam – now what? You’ve heard the stories of how intense the application process is – where do you start? This session will be chaired by members of the DRII Certification Commission and the DRII Certification Manager, and will focus on the application process to successfully become certified. The session is targeted to those individuals who have either begun or wish to begin this process, and will feature a “how-to” approach to this topic. Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions concerning their applications.
DRII is a recognized leader in providing education, standards, and professional certification.