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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Session - Track 4
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Strategic Session 4

NEC Case Study: Tactical and Strategic BCP Development and Deployment

Noriyuki Sakamoto
NEC Corp

Shinobu Sasaki
NEC Corp

NEC, formerly Nippon Electric Company, is one of the world’s leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, NEC has 200 business units worldwide, generating $40 billion in revenues with more than 150,000 employees. NEC has special risks to manage. In 2007 there were two significant earthquakes in March and July, causing an interruption in manufacturing operations. This session will introduce the organization’s BCP development and deployment case study.
Shinobu Sasaki is NEC’s BC/DR senior business consultant, responsible for BC/DR consulting business since 2004, supporting more than 25 clients during four years.
Noriyuki Sakamoto is chief manager of risk control and compliance division in NEC head office and leader of the business continuity plan effort for NEC.


Managerial Session 4

Enterprise Risk Management & BC At Dow: How They Intersect

Bill Worsley CBCP

Howard Fenter

Mike Simon

As a follow up to Dave Kepler’s “Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity” session, the BC team from The Dow Chemical Company will take time to address general questions regarding their group’s interactions with the Dow executive management team. The team will share their internal processes, including some valuable insight, which the attendee can leverage to improve their own relationship with senior management.
Bill Worsley, CBCP, is a business continuity manager for The Dow Chemical Company.
Howard Fenter heads up Dow’s disaster recovery program. He has years of experience in DR and business continuity planning.
Mike Simon leads the business continuity efforts for the company. He has spent many years in the BC and DR planning industry.


Technical Session 4

Leveraging Maturity Models for Effective IT Risk Management – Case Studies 

Download The Presentation (PDF - 1.8MB)

David Nolan
Fusion Risk Mgmt.

Attendees will learn best practices and emerging trends in IT risk management. Hear how leading companies decompose the IT risk management challenge to determine strengths and weaknesses, and build a plan to mature their IT risk management program over time. Learn how to consolidate myriad business drivers including regulatory compliance into a unified approach to proactive enterprise-wide risk management. Explore specific case studies of enterprises that are effectively using emerging concepts, processes and tools. The session will also show how these firms have implemented a single framework to address not only security, DR and BC, but also physical and logical security, safety, environmental and other operational risks.
David Nolan is the founder and chief executive officer of Fusion Risk Management, Inc., Rolling Meadows, IL.

Emergency Response Session 4

Using Incident Command System to Enhance Your Organizations Emergency Response Capabilities

Randall Till, CBCP

In today’s changing business climate, new threats and risks force organizations to look for better methods and stronger practices to manage and protect their company interests and assets. Randall Till will discuss implementing the Incident Command System (ICS) as part of global effort within this organization. The success stories and the benefits will be related as he explains the strategy, approach and lessons learned. He will build a case for why the ICS approach and structure makes good sense and provides a strong business case as a necessary enhancement for your BC program.
Randall Till, CBCP, is a senior business leader at MasterCard Worldwide where he is responsible for developing and implementing an enterprise-wide BCM program.


Advanced Session 4

Mission Assurance: Building a Culture of Preparedness

Jonathan Allen
Booz Allen Hamilton

Jerry Vevon
Booz Allen Hamilton

Terrorist attacks as witnessed on 9/11 and in Europe, critical infrastructure failures, and natural disasters highlight the need for an integrated Mission Assurance approach for both the government and commercial enterprises. As highlighted by the US Government Mission Assurance Governance Committee, it “Is a cohesive approach integrating critical infrastructure protection with physical, cyber, and personnel security and contingency planning to provide a coordinated approach for ensuring the Federal government’s ability to perform mission critical processes.” The presentation highlights case studies where organizations have developed successful mission assurance programs.
Jerry Vevon a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton with 28 years of management, leadership, and intelligence analytical experience.
Jonathan Allen is a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton and one of the firms’ leaders providing crisis management, security services, risk management, and resiliency to both government and commercial clients.


Information Session 4

Executive Level Table Top Exercises: A Case Study from Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Gregory King

Jordan Crotty
Eagle Rock

The terms “Pandemic” and “Bird Flu” have become commonplace in today’s world. While the likelihood of another flu pandemic impacting the world is unknown, the impacts would be indisputably devastating. This presentation will highlight how the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pandemic Preparedness program has been embraced by the firm, from its inception to the current state. Recently, Eagle Rock Alliance assisted Novartis Pharmaceuticals in presenting a table top exercise to their executive team. This presentation will also highlight the results of that exercise.
Gregory King, CHP, is head of health, safety, environment and business continuity. He has worked in various areas of the Pharma industry for 17 years.
Jordan Crotty is a consultant in the business continuity group at Eagle Rock Alliance.