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An ever-changing global environment filled with risks, hazards and disasters requires preparedness – in every sense of the word. Businesses must be able to meet any challenge, from a small amount of data loss to a huge terrorist attack. It is no longer a world where the focus can remain on IT solutions; business continuity encompasses every detail of preparedness, security and risk analysis. Downtime of any kind is not acceptable.'

Business continuity planners must foresee and plan for these risks on a daily basis. To meet the challenge, diligence, education and research are required. With tight budgets and personnel shortages, the task of staying prepared can be daunting. That is why it is essential to pursue knowledge in a timely, easily attainable format. To remain ahead of the challenges, the risks and the evolving technology, business continuity planners must strive to network with other planners, meet with vendors, discover new technology and explore new topics.

DRJ’s Spring and Fall World conferences offer the opportunity for intense study and exploration of all aspects of business continuity planning. Whether it is a hands-on workshop, a lecture session or an informal grouping during lunch, there are numerous learning opportunities at these conferences.

As the largest business continuity conference in the industry, these seminars attract continuity planners from throughout the world and all aspects of business continuity planning. DRJ has sponsored nearly 40 conferences, making it the premier event in the industry. At these conferences, business continuity planners with a variety of experience levels can come together to find solutions, sessions and more. Business continuity planners, emergency responders, IT professionals, security professionals, executives and anyone charged with protecting the company’s assets will benefit from the Spring and Fall World Conferences. Attendees can enjoy a multitude of opportunities:

  • Participate in hands-on workshops and sessions, led by some of the industry’s leading experts.
  • Hear lessons learned from those who’ve experienced loss and recovered.
  • Tour the expansive exhibit hall to learn about the latest technologies and services available in the BCP industry.
  • Participate in a real-time Mock Disaster Exercise. Join others as you are taken through a disaster experience or other business interruption and learn the steps needed for recovery.
  •  Learn how to write, implement and test a successful contingency plan.
  •  Understand the upcoming trends and best practices for the industry.
  •  Learn about regulations, requirements and other legal issues that will affect organizations and discover the steps necessary for compliance.
  •  Identify, manage and recover business critical records, data and information security.
  •  Network with other business continuity planners and face the tasks ahead with confidence.
  •  Learn preparedness for any security risk, from disgruntled employees to terrorists attacks.

Why Exhibit with DRJ?

DRJ’s Annual Conferences provide you access to the largest national and international audience of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Professionals in the World. These professionals are the individuals who are tasked with managing, evaluating, investigating and planning for the survivability of their respective organizations through any sort of interruption.

As the publishers of the industry’s premier publication of business continuity, DRJ has an abundance of resources and materials available for your use. DRJ delivers the most informative and up-to-date information available in our industry to over 58,000 business continuity professionals. In addition to the magazine, DRJ sponsors the worlds’ two largest conferences and exhibitions in the industry with over 3,000 in total attendance.
The shows are held every year in Orlando in March and San Diego in September.

Attendee Profile:

Disaster Recovery Journal’s Conferences are unique in that they attract executives, managers, and practioners from almost every industry and geographic location. No other show can even compare to the size and scope of DRJ’s two annual shows. With an average of well over 1,200 paid registrants to each of our shows, we are close to double the size of any other Business Continuity Conference in existence.