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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Highlights You Will See at Spring World 2009 (These are spotlights of just a few sessions available at Spring World 2009)

How To Get An ROI From Your BCP
What began as a statement from the CEO at an investors’ meeting that all business units had a BCP or would have one by the end of the year, resulted in a two year project that saved the company substantial money and positioned it to be spun off and sold for almost $10 billion. Learn the details of the project which entailed 43 plants in more than 30 countries. The presenter will share the lessons learned and techniques that saved the company substantial money and actually made them more resilient.

The State Of Business Continuity Management
Learn the current state of business continuity management. The results of the Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester’s 2nd Annual BC/DR Market Study will be reviewed. In addition, topics covered will include: Are companies managing BC as an on-going program or one time planning event? Who is responsible for BCM? What standards matter most? How frequently do companies refresh the BIA and risk assessment? What risks are companies most concerned about? What is the scope of the BCP? How frequently do companies invoke their plans? The session will conclude with an overall assessment of current BC management efforts and provide recommendations and suggestions for improvement. This is a good session for anyone wanting to understand how their BCM efforts stack up to their peers and to hear the latest advice from Forrester Research.

Doubling Down on BCM in a Volatile Economy
“Volatile” is a good way to describe the current economic climate. Companies should be adapting to these uncertainties and make risk mitigation even more pressing. It is precisely because of the increased volatility that protecting the business from loss of life, disruption of cash flow, and damage to brand becomes more important. Increased risks can come from the weakness in the supply chain and customer base, acts of terror and nature, people and infrastructure pushed to their limits, and market consolidation. Now is the time to dust off those BC plans and reevaluate how well you are prepared.

Disaster Recovery Testing Strategies
The presentation will be an overview of the Chase Card Services (CCS) DR testing strategy. CCS is the line of business within JPMorgan Chase that does the credit card processing. Learn the overall approach to DR from major initiatives affecting new or existing DR solutions through planning and execution of DR tests. Hear an overview of mature testing processes used to validate programs. Learn how to integrate various business units application requirements into a consolidated testing program and how to tie together the overall application recovery. We also will discuss non-testing work.

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