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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Strategic Session 3

Risk Management Resources for the BIA

Bob Gardner, CBCP

gardner-bob-photo.jpgBusiness continuity professionals are taught that a solid business impact analysis provides the foundation for a quality BC plan. Planners often struggle with the practical realities of what types of physical risks they may face, and where their time and effort should therefore be spent in analyzing threats. A wealth of knowledge is often already available through corporate risk management organizations that can be extremely valuable. This includes risk analysis and control data, natural hazards catastrophic modeling, valuation information, and other insurance program details. Explore various risk management resources and how BC professionals can capitalize on this information.

Bob Gardner, CBCP, vice president with Marsh Risk Consultants, provides risk control services to clients of the insurance brokerage firm Marsh.

Managerial Session 3

Objective Hurricane Response Guidance Using Timeline Tools

Chris Herbert

chris-hebert-impactweather-headshot.jpgHurricanes pose a major threat to company facilities, employees and inventory, even when facilities are located inland. The cornerstone of business continuity and loss minimization is a well thought-out, rehearsed response plan. Objective measurement of the potential risk from hurricanes adds value and stability to any productively designed plan. “Hurricane Timeline Tools” – including worst-case scenario, hurricane decision guidance, probability of wind impact, hurricane risk indicator and the hurricane severity index – have recently been introduced and will be detailed, including real-world application examples.

Chris Hebert received his B.S. degree in Meteorology from Texas A&M University. He has more than 28 years of forecasting experience, including 10 years as lead hurricane forecaster for ImpactWeather.

Technical Session 3

Take Your BC/DR Program to a New Level With A RLM Approach

Rick Galietta / David Halford

rick-hal.jpgLearn current industry trends, and explore how to take your BC/DR program to the next level via a Recovery Lifecycle Management. This requires advancing, improving, and maturing your existing BC/DR program with a strategic long term vision for aligning your IT infrastructure with the needs of your business. The final result is an actionable RLM model that aligns your business requirements to architecture, maximizing operational readiness and information value while mitigating risk.

Rick Galietta is a BC/DR managing consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group.

David Halford is a business continuity services managing consultant for Forsythe Solutions Group.

Emergency Response Session 3

Deploying BC Communications Internationally: What You Need to Know to Make it Work

Michael Martin / Vicki Wheaton

mart-wheat.jpgAs organizations become more distributed and operations more dispersed, reaching everyone affected by a crisis more and more requires reaching people worldwide. While this may seem like an obvious step to take in bringing critical communications to the next level, actually getting it to work can be complex. Hear an overview of how to make a successful transition of your crisis communication from domestic to international reach. Learn the critical elements of the techniques, regulations, and technology necessary for global crisis communications.

Mike Martin is the BC market manager at Varolii Corporation. He is responsible for research, content creation, and promotion of BC and communications-related knowledge and information. Vicki Wheaton is an integral part of the BC community and has spoken at more than 30 conferences and trade shows.

Advanced Session 3

Disaster Recovery (DR): Essential Lessons from the Fortune 500

Paul D'Arcy

darcy.jpgBy pre-planning for potential crisis scenarios, your organization will be able to respond more quickly and appropriately when an emergency strikes.  This session will offer some tips on how to best prepare for a crisis by sharing specific lessons learned from the Fortune 500.  It will include trends in DR technology, including the latest in emergency communication and crisis collaboration tools that are available.  It will offer best practices to ensure high availability for critical applications, like email and specific considerations to weigh when investing in infrastructure, based on market trends and case studies.

Paul D’Arcy brings more than 10 years of technology marketing experience to Dell MessageOne. He oversees the company’s overall marketing program.

Information Session 3

The DRII Certification Process


drii.jpgYou’ve taken a few DRII courses, even sat for the certification exam – now what? You’ve heard the stories of how intense the application process is – where do you start? This session will be chaired by members of the DRII Certification Commission and the DRII Certification Manager, and will focus on the application process to successfully become certified. The session is targeted to those individuals who have either begun or wish to begin this process, and will feature a “how-to” approach to this topic. Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions concerning their applications.

Disaster Recovery Institute Intl. is a recognized leader in providing education, standards, and professional certification.