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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Strategic Session 4

The Nuts and Bolts of Tabletop Exercises

David Greb, CBCP, Capgemini America


The purpose of this presentation is to give specific, concrete, and step-by-step instructions on how to plan, develop, conduct, and evaluate tabletop exercises for disaster recovery. Discussion will include different types of exercises (component and integrated), advantages of a tabletop exercise, basic elements and steps to follow. Keys to a good tabletop exercise will also be covered.

David Greb’s technical background is as a mainframe applications programmer. He has been in the business continuity field for 14 years. In 1998 he received his certification as a CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional) through the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII). He currently works in the Kansas City office of Capgemini America, a global IT outsourcing and consulting firm.

Mangerial Session 4

Mission Assurance: The Changing Landscape

Jerry Vevon / Jonathan Allen

jerry-allen.jpgTerrorist attacks, natural disasters, and critical infrastructure failures highlight the need for an integrated mission assurance approach provided by centralized directives. Directives require organizations to identify risks and interdependencies among functions and to implement integrated mission assurance solutions. In January 2009, a new administration assumes responsibility for leading the Federal Government. As Presidential appointees assume control of departments and agencies, their focus will be on mission areas. Is your organization ready? Jerry Vevon is a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton with 28 years of management, leadership, and intelligence analytical experience.

Jonathan Allen is a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton and one of the firms’ leaders providing crisis management, integrated security services, strategic risk management, and resiliency to both government and commercial clients

Technical Session 4

Avoiding Data Center Disasters: What Professionals Need to Know

Jim Nelson, MBCP

nelson-jim.jpgLearn practical suggestions on how you can avoid data center disasters. As a data center manager or BCP you spend a lot of time ensuring that the data center is protected and operating at its most efficient. It is likely that you participate in testing of back ups, ensuring that your storage replication is adequate, and being operational at all times. The response of the data center professional in the first 15 minutes following an event can drastically change the impact to the data center and ultimately the continuity of the operations of the organization. Learn areas where you can gain an advantage through careful consideration and common sense.

James Nelson, M.S., MBCP, CDCS, CORP is the president of Business Continuity Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in providing BC, DR, data center and crisis management consulting.

Emergency Response Session 4

Comprehensive Healthcare BC Planning: How To Build A Program In Your Institution

Stuart Weiss / Angela Devlen

weiss-dev.jpgThere is a growing awareness of the importance of comprehensive BC and DR planning within the healthcare community. This is being driven by many factors including new Joint Commission standards, healthcare bond rating agencies and demands made by grant funding entities. This session will bring healthcare planners important concepts and tools that can be used to build a comprehensive BC program. It is strongly recommended that you plan to take this session together with the subsequent Tuesday Workshop Session 2.

Stuart Weiss is a nationally recognized expert in the field of disaster preparedness. He is a founding partner of MedPrep Consulting Group. Angela Devlen is the director of emergency management at Caritas Christi Healthcare in Boston

Advanced Session 4

How To Get An ROI From Your BCP

Rick Rancher

rick-rancher.jpgWhat began as a statement from the CEO at an investors’ meeting that all business units had a BCP or would have one by the end of the year, resulted in a two year project that saved the company substantial money and positioned it to be spun off and sold for almost $10 billion. Learn the details of the project which entailed 43 plants in more than 30 countries. The presenter will share the lessons learned and techniques that saved the company substantial money and actually made them more resilient.

Rick Rancher, retired CIO for BP Chemicals, has more than 35 years experience in IT.  For the last 25 years he has held various management and executive positions with BP.  When he retired in 2006, Rancher was the director of operations, Americas and Asia for BP Chemicals.

Information Session 4

Part 1: Information Sharing Forum on Current Trends and Practices in the BCP Industry

Randall Till, CBCP

till1.jpgJoin moderator Randall Till, CBCP as he leads this exciting track geared toward sharing information and creating dialog related to the leading trends and issues. Industry leaders will share information and strategies shaping the future of business continuity. When paired with Workshop Session 1, this half-day track will provide information exchange and discussions that will allow the audience to directly target the needs of their organizations. The session will cover business continuity, emergency management, risk management and other key areas. The forum will address current topics that impact the industry and provide direction for effectively managing operational risks and emergency events.

Randall Till, CBCP, has more than 20 years implementing business continuity plans and practices within large organizations and has worked to develop a “Best in Class” approach for developing a comprehensive business continuity program.