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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Sessions - Track 3

Monday 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

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Strategic Session 3

Using Smarter Business Resilience For Dynamic Risk Management

Richard Cocchiara, IBM BCRS

new_folder-055.jpgIn today’s ever changing world of demands, opportunities and threats , your company needs a dynamic risk management strategy just to survive. Companies who rely on a reactive  approach to risk are doomed to failure and will find themselves on the dust heap of history. In this session, we will explain how IBM is building the next generation Smarter Business Resilience engine that will provide the predictive analysis necessary to allow companies to use their dynamic infrastructure to leapfrog competition and sidestep problems before they become disasters.

Richard Cocchiara, an IBM Distinquished Engineer,is currently the chief technology officer for IBM’s Business Continuity & Resiliency Services responsible for research and development of all new services.

Managerial Session 3

Elevate your DR Program from the Backroom to the Board Room

David Halford, Forsythe Solutions

new_folder-060.jpgTake an advanced look at three interrelated topics that can transition your IT DR program to a new level generating executive visibility and increase the value it brings to your enterprise. Learn how to operationalize your testing and validation initiatives. Take an advanced view of emerging DR strategies that allow you to improve recovery performance and budget optimization. Prepare yourself to negotiateor ‘renegotiate’ a DR vendor services solution that provides the highest possible ROI and utilization value to your production environment.

As a managing consultant for Forsythe, David Halford helps customers plan and implement enterpriserisk management initiatives focused in the businesscontinuity arena.

Technical Session 3

Seeing is Believing: Supporting BC/DR with Visual Blueprints

Daniel Evenson, Pathway Systems

new_folder-056.jpgDon’t expect textual plans alone to be sufficient for today’s complex companies. Augment your plans with blue prints that make your BC/DR efforts highly visible to C-level executives, managers and technicians. With blue prints in hand, you’ll see such problem areas as lacks of redundancy and over allocation of resources. This visual reference will help improve the current state, rebuild after a disaster and slam dunk compliance audits. Utilizing examples and case studies, we’ll discuss what to include in your blue prints and how to build, publish, distribute anduse them. We’ll also discuss how to keep themcurrent.

Daniel Evenson is the CTO of Pathway Systems. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years.

Emergency Response Session 3

NNEMP: Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse

Gale Nordling, Emprimus
Jim Danburg, Emprimus

new_folder-057.jpgnew_folder-058.jpgThere are perpetrators who are using devices to emit high frequency pulses which disable data center equipment and cause data disruption and corruption, from a distance, potentially violating regulatory requirements (dataretention). Additionally, there are other electromagnetic threat sources. We’ll focus on the history of the threat,  and how this threat impacts datacenters, and more importantly, all support systems as well as, how an organization can utilize best practices and various methodologies to protect themselves. We’ll also discuss the impact upon regulatory compliance.

Gale K. Nordling, president and CEO has 35 years experience as an engineer, practicing attorney, general counsel, risk manager, consultant and expert witness.

Jim Danburg, director of security and continuity, has more than 30 years experience in the IT field.

Advanced Session 3

BETH3 - An Approach to Practical Resiliency and Recovery Strategies

David Sarabacha, Deloitte & Touche LLP

new_folder-059.jpgFor many organizations, creating actionable and maintainable plans has continued to be a challenge. Whether the focus is one of worst case or alternatively one of specific events, plans tend to either be too high level or too detailed for actual use and reference during an event. BETH3 is a methodology where by practical strategies and plans can be developed by focusing on the assets used to conduct the various critical processes of an organization. This combined lecture/case study will not only present in formation, but will also provide participants a chance to apply the concepts to solidifying their understanding.

David Sarabacha, global leader of Deloitte’s Business Continuity Management services, has more than 16 years of experience in the development, implementation and review of BC/DR and continuity of operations plans.

Information Session 3

The DRII Certification Process


bpelant1.jpgYou’ve taken a few DRII courses, even sat for the certification exam – now what? You’ve heard the stories of how intense the application process is – where do you start? This session will be chaired by members of the DRII Certification Commission and the DRII Certification Manager, and  will focus on the application process to successfully become certified. The session is targeted to those individuals who have either begun or wish to begin this process, and will feature a “how-to” approach  to this topic. Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions concerning their applications.

Disaster Recovery Institute Intl. is a recognized leader in providing education, standards, and professional certification.

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