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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Sessions - Track 4

Tuesday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

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Strategic Session 4

Current State Assessment

Michael Herrera, MHA Consulting

new_folder-061.jpgThe Current State Assessment (CSA) serves as an objective means of measuring the effectiveness and maturity level of the BCP program overtime. The CSA process interviews key personnel and reviews appropriate policies, plans and strategies to determine preparedness levels, identify gaps, and document an appropriate action plan. Based on  the resulting maturity level of each component, an action plan and roadmap outlining the tasks to raise the maturity of each element is documented. The CSA is designed as a performance metric to measure current and future BCP program maturity on a regular basis in turn providing management with a realistic picture of program capabilities.

Michael Herrera is the president and CEO of MHAConsulting, a leading minority owned, BCP and ITconsulting firm.

Managerial Session 4

A Well-Designed Work From Home Program: The Key To Your Recovery

Regina Phelps, EMSS
Donald Adamis, The Northern Trust Co.

new_folder-032.jpgphotos-063.jpgMany companies claim they have a work from home program. When you dig into the claim you often find very little. What does a robust work from home program look like and what do  they have in place? Northern Trusthas a first class business resiliency- work from home program for critical business functions that has the proven qualities. This session will share with you the process Northern followed,and describe the nuts and bolts of this innovative program.

Regina Phelps, CEM, RN, BSN, MPAis founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting and training firm. She has provided extensive consultation to global companies preparing for the pandemic threat.

Donald J. Adamis is a senior vice president in global business continuity and recovery services group at TheNorthern Trust Company, Chicago, Illinois.

Technical Session 4

Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning Practices – Facing Today’s Business Challenges.

Randall Till, MBCP

till-randy-mastercard.jpgDR planning has rapidly evolved over the past 10 years. Technology advancements have help to pave the way to better recovery strategies and times. The challenge facing businesses today is to improve organizational resiliency while at the same time reducing costs. This session will explore these challenges and discuss how new technology and processing techniques (e.g., resilient co-processing, virtualization, cloud computing) are changing the DR planning landscape. Time will be spent discussing the impacts of these new technologies on current DR recovery strategies and testing requirements. We will also focus on how to restructure and re-prioritize DR planning requirements to address funding limitations using a more strategic business approach.

Randall Till, MBCP has more than 20 years in the business continuity field and serves on the Executive Council for DRJ. He has worked for several large international companies designing and implementing global business continuity programs. Till is principal consultant and founder of BCM, Inc., a business continuity consulting company with a focus on strong BCP practices.

Emergency Response Session 4

BC/DR Solutions in a Wireless World

Tom Serio, Verizon Wireless

new_folder-067.jpgSure it’s about the network, but there’s more to it. This presentation reviews the resiliency of a carrier’s wireless network and how they respond to a disaster. Focus is also given on the use of technology for enterprise and government sector disaster recovery and response. New devices bring a level of flexibility and mobility to response planning, with some ofthe tools likely already sitting in your hands.

Tom Serio has more than 25 years of experience in business and Information Technology, with a focus on disaster recovery preparedness, business continuity planning and crisis management through out his career. Currently with Verizon Wireless, Serio’s focusis to expand the company’s outreach program, working with emergency responders on federal, state and local levels, and supporting disaster awareness programs for businesses as they relate to critical communications.

Advanced Session 4

Exercise Your Processes, Not Your Applications

Thomas Lee, Trinity Consulting Solutions

new_folder-065.jpgMany organizations develop a false sense of security when they conductIT disaster recovery exercises with alternate site vendors. Many times organizations will exercise individual servers and applications and qualify the drill as a success. An actual disaster will require much more than a few serversor applications. Learn how to let the business owners drive your DR exercise by defining their critical business processes from end to end. You will then learn how to facilitate white board sessions with business owners to define each task within the business processes and map them. Increase the complexity and challenge of your DR exercise to make it as close as possible to anactual recovery.

Tom Lee, president of Trinity Consulting Solutions,has more than 24 years of experience in evaluating, developing and implementing COOP programs.

Information Session 4

The State Of BC, Crisis Communication And Risk Management

Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Research

new_folder-033.jpgLearn how organizations currently address crisis communication in BC planning and how organizations handle the interplay between risk management and business continuity. Hear results from the Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester’s 3nd Annual BC/DR Marke Study. Discussion will cover: How organizations handle crisis communication within BCP; What crisis communication strategies do organizations rely on; How effective are strategies; and How companies handle the interrelationship between BC and risk management. An overall assessment of current crisis and BC management efforts willbe provided.

Stephanie Balaouras is principal analyst, covering business continuity and disaster recovery for Forrester Research.

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