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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Track 1

Monday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

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Sessions are rated: novice for those in the industry less than two years; intermediate for those in the industry for two to five years; and advanced for those in the industry for more than five years.

Strategic Session 1

Service Continuity Objective: The Missing Link Between BC and IT

Bobby Williams, CBCP Emdeon, Inc.

bobbyw.jpgWhen business process owners and IT are discussing recovery time objectives (RTO), both use the same terminology. The problem is that they are discussing different situations. Service continuity objective is more ITIL focused and addresses the specifics to what IT means in “how long to get the IT service online after a disaster declaration”. The presentation will explain the situation, the details of both sides of the table (business process vs. IT recovery process), and terminology to keep the conversations coherent and on track.

Bobby Williams, CBCP, is the business continuity manager for Emdeon. He has worked in the IT industry for 20 years in technical roles, vendor education, pre/post sales engineering, disaster recovery management, and business continuity management.

Managerial Session 1

How To Perform A Quantitative Analysis On Your Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plans

Alan K. Salkowitz, CBCP TD Bank

alank.jpgThis topic will show the planners and managers how to perform simple quantitative gap analysis and audits on your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Traditionally, business continuity and disaster recovery plans have been difficult to measure quantitatively. This review will show planners and users how to apply simple measurements to plans for both business and technology to evaluate their state of preparation. We will also demonstrate and show deliverables that can be presented to senior management and the regulators.

Alan K. Salkowitz, CBCP, CPA, is vice-president, identity access management and program director. He has 10 years experience with TD Bank (formerly Commerce Bank) and 25 years experience in financial services.

Technical Session 1

Virtualization: Does It Replace BCP?

Jim Kellett , ABCP Cisco

untitled-10.jpgThe presentation introduces the concepts of virtualization as it applies to our Information Technology systems. Today, this has moved past just virtualization of the OS, but now includes storage, network management and services. The question is asked, does this capability, of virtualization, negate the need of business continuity planning. The concepts and benefits of increased operational continuity will be discussed. We need to think of ways to virtualize the other components of our business processes. The conclusion is that virtualization not only does not replace BCP, it is a concept and approach that is fully compatible and supportive of continuity planning.

Jim Kellett has worked at Cisco for three years in both IT risk management and business continuity management roles. He has previously held IT and knowledge management roles in the power generation, medical device, and high tech industries.

Emergency Response Session 1

Why Enterprise Resiliency Depends On Effective Mass Notification

Liz Granger, CBCP VISA Inc.

untitled-11.jpgWhether your enterprise is a global business -- like VISA -- or a company of 50 employees, your ability to maintain resiliency and manage crises depends on having an effective mass notification and response system in place. Discover the minimum capability your organization needs. Learn how to evaluate alternatives, choose the best solution for your organization and implement a mass notification platform within your resiliency program. Included are best practices to ensure successful communication with people during a crisis. Understand how proper use of a rapid mass notification and response system can make all the difference in many different scenarios.

Liz Granger, CBCP, is director of global crisis management for Visa Inc. She is responsible for the global crisis management program.

Advanced Session 1

Data Center Resiliency

Tom Clark, CBCP Liberty Mutual

untitled-12.jpgSuccessful enterprises today are differentiated by information accessibility and maximum possible mitigation of business interruptions. The cost of supporting, protecting, and recovering critical business applications is significantly increasing every year. Today, disaster recovery is not enough; you have to simplify the complexity of the infrastructure. This capability is known as data center resiliency and is achieved by a phased approach. Attendees will learn assessment methodology of determining threats and risks facing IT Infrastructure today. Discussion will also include how to improve business resilience, business continuity, and reduce operational risk and the phased approach to get to data center resiliency.

Tom Clark, CBCP, is the director of IT infrastructure continuity services for Liberty Mutual. Clark has more than 35 years of senior leadership experience.

Information Session 1

Welcome to Business Continuity: How Did I Get Here and Where Do I Begin?

Melanie Lucht, CBCP PNC Financial Services

untitled-13.jpgIt is safe to say that most of us did not aspire to get involved in business continuity when we were children. Whether you specifically chose this path, or it was chosen for you, you are now part of an exciting and ever changing discipline. This session is designed to provide you with the basics of business continuity to get you motivated and off to a great start. Many simple steps can be taken that can add great value to your organization in a short amount of time. You will walk away with some key action items to follow up on when you return to your office.

Melanie Lucht is an assistant vice president of corporate business resiliency at PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lucht has been in the risk management field for more than 12 years in the financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries.