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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Breakout Track 2

Monday 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.

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Sessions are rated: novice for those in the industry less than two years; intermediate for those in the industry for two to five years; and advanced for those in the industry for more than five years. 

Strategic Session 2

Conquering Tough Challenges Through Public-Private Partnerships: A Case Study

Annie Searle , Annie Searle & Assc.

untitled-14.jpgNo matter how solid each of our individual institutions’ business resilience programs, we are increasingly dependent upon other critical infrastructure sector partners to keep us in business during a catastrophic event. This is especially the case since technology budgets have been reduced via outsourcing and off-shoring core business processes, applications and (in some cases) data centers.This session will examine several public-private collaborations (including ChicagoFIRST), as well as several Department of Homeland Security–funded projects that seek to increase overall resilience for both natural disasters and bio-events. It will include a discussion of next steps to move such collaborations to the next level.

Annie Searle is principal of Annie Searle & Associates LLC, an independent consulting and research firm, serving businesses and organizations that are part of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Managerial Session 2

Reporting and Monitoring Tools for BC Projects and Programs

Glen Curole, CBCP Category 5 Services

untitled-15.jpgGet senior management’s attention with clear, easy to understand at a glance, status reports. Learn about a nonproprietary project management tool that has been specifically adapted for use in the business continuity field. Track plan development, BIA progress, compliance across the enterprise and even significant components required for recovery of data centers. This tool is simple to adapt, easy to use and scalable.

Glen Curole is president and executive consultant for Category 5 Services and has more than 20 years experience in the business continuity/disaster recovery field

Technical Session 2

Business Resilience 101

Russell Dutcher , CBCP EPS Corp.

untitled-16.jpgBusiness Resilience 101 will explore the principles of disaster recovery, business continuity, risk assessment, project and records management. Many companies now recognize that it’s more cost-effective to combine them into a single, integrated strategy. No longer will strategic business resilience planning be based on the menu option, whereby previous planning was limited to choosing one from column and one from column with respect to the business continuity planning model. This new approach focuses on planning as a truly collaborative venture, one in which the reactive, proactive and adaptive are merged together to form a solid foundation for business resilience planning.

Russ Dutcher, CDPS, CBRP, CBRM, is a business resilience practitioner heading the business resilience division for EPS Corporation in Eatontown, NJ.

Emergency Response Session 2

Incident Action Plans: The Critical Incident Management Tool

Regina Phelps , EMSS

new_folder-032_copy.jpgAn Incident Action Plan is a simple but powerful planning tool that is a hallmark of the Incident Command System. It can make a huge difference in your ability to organize after an incident. The basic premise is to pull together the leadership of your Incident Management Team and do four things: Report your status, develop your strategic objectives, assign them to a team, and then determine how long you will work on those objectives before you come back together again to assess the progress. Simple, yes, powerful, yes – but why don’t most companies do that? We’ll discuss the details of developing an IAP, how to run an IAP meeting, what people should bring to the meeting, and how to train your staff.

Regina Phelps is an internationally recognized thought leader in the field of emergency management, pandemic, and contingency planning.

Advanced Session 2

MAX Out DR Testing: How to Power Down Your Data Center as a Test

Harlan Dolgin , Bick Group

ddddddddddd.jpgThink you can’t shut off your production data centers? Think again! You can do it, and you’ll learn how in this session. Participants will hear how a global 1000 company was able to institute a program of shutting down and restarting its most critical production data centers to prove its disaster recovery capabilities. You’ll learn the benefits and costs, advantages and disadvantages, and the risks and rewards of instituting a program like this in your company. This program of power down tests changed the landscape of how the company performed its DR testing. This practice was instututed at its 8 largest global data centers. How this was accomplished will be described to you in detail.

Harlan Dolgin, JD, CBCP, is currently the director of continuity services at Bick Group, and a past president of the MidAmerica Contingency Planning Forum.

Information Session 2

Critical Time, Critical Communication: How Notification Technology Supports BCP Efforts

Dwayne Bethea , Richard Fleisch man & Assc.

untitled-1ttttttt.jpgDiscover how notification technology is supporting the critical and routine communications needs of more than 400 hedge funds in today’s economic downturn. Learn how the automation of BC/ DR communications can not only bring key decision-makers together globally and expedite response efforts, but ultimately protect corporate assets and people. We will touch on the benefits of notification modality in today’ mobile world, the critical role of conference bridging in a global marketplace, and the significance of reporting for auditing/legal purposes. Real world experiences with such high-profile companies as Morgan Stanley, UBS and AIG, will be used.

Dwayne Bethea oversees the IT compliance and BC services for Richard Fleischman and Associates, a provider of outsourced technology and IT services to more than 400 hedge funds, private equity funds, and fund of funds globally.