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Volume 30, Issue 4

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Session Materials

Fall World 2010 offers the third opportunity for attendees to go ‘paperless’ in all sessions. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we will not be printing the large conference books for this show.

Print your session material before arriving onsite. Attendees will also receive a CD with session content at the conference, with the option to work from your laptop in sessions (battery power only). Limited printing kiosks will be available at Fall World 2010 for any changes or last-minute printing needs.

Below you will find all of the Presentation Files for Fall World 2010. To download the .PDF, click right on the Title of the Session and click "Save Target As."

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF Documents.

Sessions Materials are not yet available. Please check back soon.

Sunday Workshop Sessions
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SWS1: PPBI – Incident ManagementKen Schroeder CBCP Southeast Corp., Deidrich Towne, CBCP Hewlett Packard, David Ziev, MBCP, Business Continuity Prof.
SWS2: Stress Management and Disaster RecoveryRob Chubb, Colorspectrums
SWS3: Violence a Preventable Disaster: Understanding and Reducing the Risk David A. Smith, Prof. Workplace Interaction
SWS4: Essential Elements of a Work From Home Program Brandon Dempsey, Suite Commute
SWS5: Current State Assessment Michael Herrera , MHA Consulting, Barry Pruitt , Pinnacle Business Concepts
SWS6: Mock Disaster ExerciseSponsored By Disaster Game
General Sessions
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
GS1: Managing, Motivating And Leading A Multi-Generational WorkforceBruce Wilkinson
GS2: How to Derive Value from Business Continuity Planning – It's not just about Insurance Anymore!Randall Till, MBCP, Till Continuity Group
GS3: It Was Going To Be An Exercise… But In The Meantime, The Real Thing Happened: The Station Fire and the JPL Response Regina Phelps, EMSS, Joseph Courtney, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
GS4: Conquering the Tough Challenges for More Effective Emergency Incident NotificationRobert Chandler, Ph.D., Univ. of Central FL
GS5: Delivering New Value from IT Risk ManagementGeorge Westerman, MIT Sloan's CISR
GS6: IEMI: The New Threat To Business Survivability Gale Nordling Emprimus, Jim Danburg, Emprimus
GS7: Leveraging Cloud Computing for Business ContinuityDavid Linthicum, Bick Group
GS8: The Challenges of a Global DR Plan or Wow! That's a Lot of Air MilesDavid Mewes, Invacare., Michael Croy, Forsythe
GS9: Risky Business? Barry Pruitt, Pinnacle Business Concepts
Breakout Track 1
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS1: Service Continuity Objective: The Missing Link Between BC and ITBobby Williams, CBCP Emdeon, Inc.
MS1: How To Perform A Quantitative Analysis On Your Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plans Alan K. Salkowitz, CBCP TD Bank
TS1: Virtualization: Does It Replace BCP? Jim Kellett , ABCP Cisco
ES1: Why Enterprise Resiliency Depends On Effective Mass Notification Liz Granger, CBCP VISA Inc.
AS1: Data Center Resiliency Tom Clark, CBCP Liberty Mutual
IS1: Welcome to Business Continuity: How Did I Get Here and Where Do I Begin? Melanie Lucht, CBCP PNC Financial Services
Breakout Track 2
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS2: Conquering Tough Challenges Through Public-Private Partnerships: A Case Study Annie Searle , Annie Searle & Assc.
MS2: Reporting and Monitoring Tools for BC Projects and Programs Glen Curole, CBCP Category 5 Services
TS2: Business Resilience 101 Russell Dutcher , CBCP EPS Corp.
ES2: Incident Action Plans: The Critical Incident Management ToolRegina Phelps , EMSS
AS2: MAX Out DR Testing: How to Power Down Your Data Center as a Test Harlan Dolgin , Bick Group
IS2: Critical Time, Critical Communication: How Notification Technology Supports BCP EffortsDwayne Bethea , Richard Fleisch man & Assc.
Breakout Track 3
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS3: Leveraging a Business Continuity Framework to Improve Food and Product Safety Incidents Damian Walch Deloitte , & Touche LLP, Darin Floyd Deloitte & Touche LLP
MS3: Five Activities That Will Streamline and Improve Your Preparedness Efforts Robert Giffin, CBCP Avalution Consulting
TS3: Filling Critical DR Planning Gaps Peter Laz , MBCP Forsythe Solutions Group, David Halford Forsythe Solutions Group
ES3: Data Centers: How Resilient Is The One You Use? Dick Fordham , Recovery Point, Pitt Turner, Uptime University
AS3: How Will PS-Prep Affect You? Ashley P. Moore, FEMA
IS3: The DRII Certification ProcessDRII
Breakout Track 4
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS4: The State Of BC, Crisis Communication And Risk Management Stephanie Balaouras , Forrester Research
MS4: Crisis Management Team Decision Making: Using the A.P.I.E. MethodologyMichael Herrera , MHA Consulting
TS4: Delivering Value to the Organization Using ITIL: But What's in it for You? Tonya York, CBCP McKesson
ES4: When Plans Don't Work Tom Phelan , Strategic Teaching Assc.
AS4: Business Continuity Planning: How to Build Effective Continuity Strategies and Plans for Critical Business FunctionsKim Bowker CBCP, Global Payments Company, Randall Till, MBCP, Till Continuity Group
IS4: Ensuring Suppliers Have Viable Recovery PlansPat McDonald, CBCP Fundamentals Inc.
Tuesday Workshops
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
WS1: Developing a Comprehensive Emergency Management Program and Conducting Your Own Internal Assessment Regina Phelps, EMS Solutions, Kelly David Williams EMSS .
WS2: Domestic Terrorism: Assessing Your Risk Roberta Flynn, Professional Workplace Interaction
WS3: Birds of a Feather: Plan TogetherVarious Roundtable Facilitarors
WS4: Developing the Recovery Strategy: The Next Step Barney Pelant, MBCP Barney F. Pelant & Assc.
WS5: Comprehensive Healthcare in BC Planning Stuart Weiss, CBCP MedPrep Consulting, Angela Devlen , Wakefield Brunswick
WS6: Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conducta Successful BCP/DRP Drill Steve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consultants