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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track 1 - Monday, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m

Strategic Session 1

Transform Your Organization to be Business Criticality Driven


James Yang, Cummins Inc.

Yang Pic

Getting funding is never the problem. The justification of it is. How should a BC/DR executive today objectively identify key assets and justify proposal(s) to senior management, especially under the current poor economic conditions? Learn how it’s done in a Fortune 150 company so you can walk away with: 1) how to leverage simple business impact analysis process to identify and prioritize; 2) what information can help senior management make more intelligent decisions faster; and 3) tips to ensure resiliency is always the center of every discussion.

James Yang, MBA PMP CISSP is the director of disaster recovery for Cummins Inc, a Fortune 150 company, company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and services engines, and engine-related component products worldwide.

Managerial Session 1

10 Simple, Easy, Cheap, Quickly Actionable Tips to Elevate your BC Program


Kevin Cunningham, UBS

Cunningham Pic

Learn 10 proven, state-of-the-art, “tricks of the trade” you can immediately take back to your office tomorrow and easily implement in order to make your program world-class. Learn 10 proven tips that will quickly elevate your resiliency program Just because your firms compete, doesn’t mean you need to also. Learn the definition of “coopatition” and how your competitors can make your program better. Discover how customer service and genius expertise creates value for your program, creates loyalty and improves buy in from your business and your customers.

Kevin Cunningham is the americas regional head of business continuity and crisis management for UBS AG, one of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Technical Session 1

Delivering IT Service Resiliency without Breaking the Bank


Ramona Jackson, Cisco Systems

Pic of Ramona Jackson

Cisco Systems developed a resiliency strategy that ensures critical business services are “always on” and that all IT Services have failover capability in the event of a disaster. Cisco’s Disaster Recovery solution was designed and implemented in a shared capacity model within an application development data center. This model enables continued growth in our data centers, while keeping our implementation and ongoing support costs down.

Ramona Jackson joined Cisco in 1998 as an IT engineer. In her most recent role, she led the resiliency track of Cisco’s Global Data Center Program. She is responsible for developing Ciscos’ Resiliency Framework that includes Cisco’s IT Business Resiliency Process and a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Emergency Response Session 1

FCSO Leverages Business Recovery Beyond Simply
Meeting Federal COOP and Security Requirements


Cathy Robbins, First Coast Svc. Options

Pic of Cathy Robbins

Discover how First Coast Service Options not only complies with the federal government’s COOP requirements and security controls, but how they created an environment where continuity of operations permeates the organization yielding a variety of valuable contributions. FCSO serves as one of the nation’s largest Medicare administrators and is regulated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This includes the challenge of planning for recovery and continuity of operations.

Catherine Robbins serves as FCSO’s director of risk management, leading the company’s business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Advanced Session 1

Combined BCM Exercise at ABN AMRO Amsterdam


Marc van Doorenmaalen, ABN AMRO

John Forcelledo, ABN AMRO

Pic of MarcJohn Forcelledo

Learn how worthwhile a good prepared and combined business continuity exercise can be. Key aspects include preparation in advance, participation of internal and external disciplines, a predefined communication plan, top management commitment and combined BCM areas of control. Find out how this type of scope in an exercise can be arranged and well managed, Furthermore people will gain insight in lessons learned during and after the exercise.

Marc vanDoorenmaalen heads the corporate BCM department of ABN AMRO Bank in NL . He has 22 years of experience with the bank.

John Forcelledo is crisis management trainer/BC officer for ABN AMRO Bank.

Information Session 1

Define Your Way to Success: Breaking Down Language Barriers


Colleen Huber, Great Lakes

Deborah Higgins, The BCI

Frank Lady, Bank of America

Pic of Colleen HuberPic of HigginsPic of Lady

Shared understanding of key terminology can make or break the business continuity team’s response to a disaster. Multinational and multicultural factors often create barriers to effective program management and plan execution. This interactive and informative session will challenge attendees to determine, integrate and communicate key program definitions across all stakeholder groups.

Colleen Huber is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the BCP program for Great Lakes Educational Loan Services.

Deborah Higgins, technical and learning manager for BCI, has experience in emergency management, corporate project management and BC management.

Frank Lady serves as a senior vice president of business continuity for Bank of America’s global Technology Infrastructure organization.