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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Strategic Session 3

Operational Resiliency: Governance in the New BCDR World


David Halford, Forsythe Solutions Group

David Halford, Forsythe Solutions Group Things change: what once was is no longer, and BC/DR is no exception. As operational resiliency becomes a key business continuity program component, confusion exists around how to monitor, report, and validate in the new BC/DR world. Incorporating high availability, continuous availability and other common application availability concepts into your BC program requires a balanced approach. This session will explore best-practice approaches to incorporate operational resiliency into your BC/DR program governance.

As Forsythe's senior principal and national practice manager, David Halford helps customers plan and implement enterprise risk management initiatives focused in the DR/BC arena.

Managerial Session 3

New Features of the BCI's Good Practice Guidelines 2013: Trends and Advances in Global BC Practice


Doug Weldon, Thomson Reuters

Doug Weldon, Thomson ReutersBCI Certified SpeakerThe BCI's Good Practice Guidelines are written by business continuity professionals for BC professionals. It is new for 2013 to reflect changes in the discipline with the emergence of ISO 22301:2012. It remains the most comprehensive and independent view of current thinking in the subject. The real value to professionals is that it considers not just the "what to do" (which standards do cover), but also "why" and "how" and "when" of practices. This session will highlight the new features of the GPG 2013 and provide insight into the six professional practices of the business continuity management lifecycle. This session will also present that the GPG 2013 recognizes a clear difference between BC as the wider discipline and BCM as the management process.

Doug Weldon, vice president, product and infrastructure risk management, Thomson Reuters, has an extensive background in IT, quality management, business development, program/project management, and senior leadership.

Technical Session 3

Your Role in Data Stewardship


Rebecca Levesque, 21st Century Software

Rebecca Levesque, 21st Century Software Hidden risks are inevitable in any IT environment. As the IT landscape grows in size and complexity, hardware solutions give the sense of immediacy and a cure-all to data problems. In addition, ongoing and frequent configuration changes inevitably result in discrepancies between production, high availability, and disaster recovery environments – introducing risks that remain hidden until an event strikes. With different areas being responsible for different pieces of the overarching IT and business environment, no single group has full ownership. Where does your role fit in? What can you do to become a better data steward?

As the president and CEO, Rebecca Levesque is responsible for shaping 21st Century Software's corporate vision.

Emergency Response Session 3

Trends in the Notifications Industry


Ann Pickren, MIR3

Ann Pickren, MIR3BCI Certified SpeakerIt's not your imagination, the number of crises across the world is on the rise. And with that, more organizations are looking to automated notification solutions to alert both those in danger and the responders that can provide aid. As use of notification systems becomes more common, usage trends are emerging, indicating what types of notifications are effective and which aren't. By studying these trends we gain valuable intelligence that acts as a guide in establishing recognized best practices for using automated emergency notification.. By analyzing recent data, we are seeing developing trends that can be used to improve notification effectiveness. This session will focus on using those discoveries to build new ways to use notification.

In her role as VP, solutions, Ann Pickren focuses on evangelizing MIR3 solutions to the BC/DR market. Pickren serves as an advisory board member for BC Management Inc., is a member of the Organizational Resilience Maturity Technical Committee within ASIS International and is member of the DRJ Executive Council.

Advanced Session 3

Managing Public Relations Embarrassments


Robert Chandler, UCF

Robert Chandler, UCF This session will examine case studies and lessons learned from recent public relations embarrassments. Discover the ever-reaching impacts of these situations and learn strategies for how to protect an organization from reputational impact . Discover tactics to deal with the public, customers, internal personnel and media hype.

Dr. Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D., is professor of communication and director of the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida.

Information Session 3

How to Become a BC Superstar (and Get Paid Like One)!


Frank Perlmutter, Strategic BCP®

Frank Perlmutter, Strategic BCPBCI Certified SpeakerWhether you are new to the business continuity profession, feel stuck in your current role, or are looking to rise to the next level, discover steps to redefine your career path—for the better!

In this session, learn why many BC professionals are trapped in an unsatisfying employment situation.

Identify common BC bad habits and learn how to shake them. Get excited about making a change.

Learn a set of simple, powerful skills to help you prosper and become part of an elite group of professionals.

Use this session to develop insights that can help you take greater control of your destiny and make business continuity a more rewarding career.

Over the course of 18 years, Frank Perlmutter's career has taken him from a nine-to-five government job, to directing programs for some of the most prominent organizations in the world, to running an award-winning business continuity software and consulting company.