Speaker Spotlight - Dawn Chung

DRJ Fall 2018 Speaker Deep Dive – Dawn Chung

Al-enabled Autonomous Disaster Recovery Test Validation
Dawn Chung, disaster recovery director | CNA Insurance, Chicago

DRJ Fall 2018 | Monday, Sept. 24 Breakout Track 2, Session 5 | 2:45-3:45 p.m.

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Dawn Chung will turn her passion into a powerful presentation on al-enabled autonomous disaster recovery test validation on Sept. 24 at DRJ Fall 2018.

Chung will utilize her almost 20 years of experience working with company-wide business resilience and disaster recovery awareness for IT and business professionals during this one-hour breakout session.

With Chung’s experience in business continuity and disaster recovery leadership from architecting, implementing and exercising training, participants will learn in-depth information to apply to their businesses. She will explain the importance of disaster recovery testing and how it is mandatory for compliance requirements and essential to protect technology investment and brand value. Annual disaster recovery testing validation also requires numerous resources from technology and business, often competing with regular business operation needs.

Chung will discuss how reliance upon antiquated manual DR testing methods and programmers sidetracked to write test scripts can improve. She’ll offer in-depth information on how to design a thorough, meticulous disaster recovery program to keep the Board Risk and Governance committee, business and IT satisfied. Disaster recovery automation using autonomous DR test validation will record successful test execution and produce indisputable evidence for auditors while reducing cost and risk of prolong recovery.

This interactive session will give attendees the chance to participate in discussion and gain firsthand information on the significant advantage of autonomous disaster recovery test validation and the time saved in troubleshooting and identifying failed functionality. Attendees will learn how disaster recovery managers are able to zero-in on problem areas to resolve them quickly to resume business.

CNA Insurance is based in Chicago.

Dawn Chung
Dawn ChungCNA Insurance, Chicago
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