Speaker Spotlight - Michael Herrera

DRJ Fall 2018 Speaker Deep Dive – Michael Herrera

The Two-Minute Drill
Michael Herrera, founder | BCMMETRICS

DRJ Fall 2018 | Tuesday Workshop Session 5 | Tuesday, Sept. 25 | 3:00 p. m. – 5:30 p. m.

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The first 24 hours are the most critical after an emergency has occurred.

Michael Herrera will explain DRJ Fall 2018 attendees what they can do to make an impact in those first hours. He will use interaction and audience input during his presentation. He says attendees should be prepared to be called on, ready to answer questions, and prepared to offer examples.

“The two-minute drill allows you to focus your activities to maximize your time and resources, and it must be based firmly in your strategies and requirements,” Herrera explains. “You’ve gathered a lot of information in your planning, but all that data is not really power if it’s not organized to meet your needs on the field.”

According to Herrera, this DRJ Fall 2018 session will tackle the who, what, when, where, why, and how to execute a company’s playbook in the first 24 hours. He will be presenting an in-depth session to teach attendees how to apply methodology to an incident.

“We’ll go beyond talking about it to giving participants an opportunity to create their own two-minute drill,” says Herrera. Participants are encouraged to bring their existing plans to use to create a two-minute drill of their own under Herrera’s guidance.

Herrera is a well-known and sought-after speaker on business continuity issues. He is recognized for establishing a collaborative environment for his presentations, combined with a straightforward approach to the issues. In addition, he has presented many times at DRJ for spring and fall conferences and at other events. He combines his expertise with a “let’s talk” approach in his presentations and includes humor and real-world experiences to encourage participation from his audience. The presentation will show attendees how to relate something commonplace (the two-minute drill) to what they do in their jobs. “It will show them how to get through the voluminous plans and procedures they’ve created to a short, easy-to-follow guide that will help their organizations respond appropriately in the heat of the moment.

Herrera founded MHA Consulting in 1999. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker who shares his life experiences and thoughts through his Grind It Out podcast. He is a successful, self-made executive with proven success in increasing corporate revenues, profits, and market share across diverse business sectors. In addition, he holds the designation of CBCP from DRII and a bachelor’s degree in informational technology.

At MHA, Herrera provides global leadership across MHA. He is also the founder of BCMMETRICS, a leading cloud-based tool designed to assess business continuity compliance and residual risk. He is also founder and CEO of the charitable organization M2H Charities which supports children and teenagers through different services and programs.
Michael Herrera
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