Speaker Spotlight - Michele Turner

DRJ Fall 2018 Speaker Deep Dive – Michele Turner

Managing Business Resiliency via Geographic Redundancy Strategies: It’s a Curious Case Indeed
Michele Turner, Sr. Manager | Amazon

DRJ Fall 2018 | Monday, Sept. 24 | Senior Advanced Track 2 | 2:45-3:45 p.m.

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Senior advanced practitioners are invited to attend special one-day track sessions on Monday at DRJ Fall 2018. The track features three afternoon breakout sessions and concludes with a “Meet the Experts” evening reception.

One of the senior advanced track presenters will be Michele Turner, senior manager of business resiliency for corporate business continuity and risk at Amazon. She has been in this position for the past two years.

According to Turner, resiliency means different things to everyone. In the context of strengthening an organization’s ability to address a business interruption, while at the same time enhancing steady state operations by leveraging business continuity efforts, that is the information that will be shared in this session. Breaking down the challenges and resiliency debates through the use of the three Ps—partnership, persistence, and process—Turner will share approaches, considerations, and tips that can be customized as organizations build their own strategies.

Turner will share general steps that she has taken and lessons learned on this topic. She will share these things following the story line used in the movie the “Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.” This movie begins at the onset of Hurricane Katrina, where the narrator reflects on the life lived, challenges, insights, learnings, and adjustments made as a results.

“These are all valid topics as teams prepare to develop geographic redundancy strategies as part of their resiliency focus,” says Turner.

Acknowledging risk and associated controls required to withstand significant impact resulting from a business interruption … Is that resiliency? Building out the strategies after the interruption to strengthen the organization’s standing to be even better than before. Is that resiliency? Turner says the answer depends on corporate culture, the alignment of the business continuity strategy to that culture, and clarity on the most critical functions as the underpinnings supporting that culture. If businesses engage in shared roles with the business, IT, vendors, and address geopolitical considerations, then the answer can be “yes.” All aspects are part of the curiosity.

During this interactive and engaging session, attendees will review these areas using references to the 2008 movie.

“I won’t just repeat the words from the PowerPoint slides or ‘talk at’ the group,” Turner says. “I’ll share info, ask questions, and solicit participation as we all learn together.”

Turner says she structures her presentations to give individuals solid examples and potential steps to apply tactics in their own organizations. She has been told that her sharing general information uses cases and scenarios have helped in understanding how approaches may be customized to a variety of corporate cultures.

She adds that she’s ready to have fun with participants and that they should be ready to learn new approaches to traditional topics at her session.

Turner, MBCP, FBCI, CISA, CRISC, GRCP, has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance. In her role at Amazon, she develops and manages the global framework and methodology used to drive the business continuity and risk program globally within the company’s corporate organization.

Prior to this role, Turner led governance, risk, compliance, and business continuity roles with Microsoft, initiating the operational risk management vertical for this organization. She is also an instructor within DRI and director of the DRI Foundation Board, which assists organizations and communities impacted by disaster to engage with relief organizations worldwide effectively and efficiently as they begin the recovery progress.

Turner is also a previous member of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board and founding member of the Generally Accepted Practices initiative.
Michele Turner
Michele TurnerAmazon
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