Speaker Spotlight - Regina Phelps

DRJ Fall 2018 Speaker Deep Dive – Regina Phelps

The Golden Hour – How Will You Spend Yours? | Wednesday, Sept. 26 | 8:15-9:15 a.m.
Regina Phelps, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions Inc.

While working in the field of nursing, Regina Phelps soon learned about the Golden Hour, a term first described by R. Adams Cowley, MD. He recognized that the sooner trauma patients reached definitive care, their chances of survival were increased dramatically.

Phelps is making the direct comparison between business and healthcare with her presentation, “The Golden Hour – How Will You Spend Yours?” at DRJ Fall 2018 on Sept. 26.

“It may sound like an odd comparison, but take a second look,” she explains. “What your company does in those first few minutes and hour makes all the difference in the world.” She says that businesses must immediately make a thorough assessment and communication process to ensure the crisis management team knows their immediate roles and responsibilities.

According to Phelps, many organizations fumble at the onset of a crisis. “They fail to recognize that ‘this’ could be an issue,” she says. Businesses often have insufficient processes and teams who are not ready to make assessments, which quickly leads to further escalation. At that point, the problems grow and the organization is already playing catch-up with growing mistakes along the way.

From ransomware, malware, Denial of Service attacks, and even cyber intrusions, the list of current threats is unending and can escalate in intensity and frequency at an alarming rate. An organization’s response to these threats shows how effectively – or ineffectively – the business is in handling a crisis in just the first few minutes. Just like at a hospital in the Golden Hour, a business’s chance of survival is greatly increased with proper planning and preparation in the first few minutes during an emergency.

Phelps will show DRJ Fall 2018 attendees what they should have in place to make sure they do not waste the Golden Hour. She’ll walk them through a list of established incident criteria, offer an organization-wide map of the potential location of incidents, show how the already-in-place establishment teams should conduct reviews, and more. Phelps will lay out the framework for strategies to have in place in that Golden Hour and relate real-life stories that have played out in the public arena that illustrate what has and has not worked well. She’ll also share insider tips, including the important task of “mapping the world” – where professionals meet in a conference room with a whiteboard and map from where incidents occur and ask critical questions about assessment teams, criteria already in place, and making immediate connections to corporate headquarters.

Attendees will leave this fast-paced general session with a list of actions to start immediate planning to make a difference in their organization’s response capabilities and what they need to have in place to make that first hour truly golden for their organization.

Phelps, CEM, RN, BSN, MPA, is president and CEO of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions Inc.

Regina Phelps
Regina PhelpsEmergency Management & Safety Solutions Inc.
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