Speaker Spotlight - Steven Goldman

DRJ Fall 2018 Speaker Deep Dive – Steven Goldman

Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct Successful BC/DR Exercises
Steven Goldman, president | Steve Goldman Associates

DRJ Fall 2018 | Tuesday Workshop Session 3 | Tuesday, Sept. 25 | 3:00 p. m. – 5:30 p. m.

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Dr. Steven B. Goldman says he can’t sing or dance. He doesn’t have a product to sell or any marketing to do. But he can speak in front of an audience of any size and give well-attended lectures by using a combination of experience-based topic information, humor, team activities, videos, and audience interaction.

“I present an accumulation of over 35 years’ experience in the successful development, conduct, and critique of drills and exercises across many industries,” says Goldman. “There’s not much I haven’t seen, so I help attendees with any aspect of their program.”

Goldman will be presenting a two-and-a-half-hour intense but fun session titled “Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct Successful BC/DR Exercises” at DRJ Fall 2018.

Goldman’s sessions are a favorite among DRJ conference attendees. He has delivered this presentation in one more form or another for the past 20 years and receives top attendance every year. He modifies and updates the information every year with the latest trends, technology, and thinking. “Novices learn much from the presentation, and ‘old hands’ attend to pick up many golden nuggets and perhaps win one of the quiz prizes.”

Goldman, president of Steve Goldman Associates, has worked in his current position for 15 years. He has more than 35 years of total experience in all aspects of the profession. He plans to share his knowledge and real-world examples through his lively presentation and interactive discussions of successful exercise development.

During his presentation, Goldman will teach attendees about successful crisis management and disaster recovery. He explains that this requires realistic testing and validation. This hands-on workshop will allow participants to learn how to set up and conduct a successful BCP/DRP exercise. Attendees will also master the aspects of effective exercise preparation and execution including types of drills and exercises; elements of a successful exercise; scope, objectives, and extent of play; scheduling and coordination; scenario development team; scenario ideas and events that can be used; resources and props; how to conduct, evaluate, and critique; imagination, creativity, and leadership; and exercise planning checklist.

Attendees will learn how to avoid common pitfalls during the development process and how to anticipate and resolve potential problems. Participants will gain information about exercise conduct, evaluation, and critiquing strategies.

Goldman is an internationally recognized expert and consultant in business continuity, crisis management, disaster recovery, and crisis communications. Specifically, he has experience in various aspects of program management, plan development, training, exercises, and response strategies. Goldman’s background is comprehensive yet unique because he has been a professional engineer, corporate spokesperson, manager of media relations, business continuity planner, crisis responder, consultant, and a Fortune 500 company’s global business continuity program manager. He has also written or improved many corporation and government agency BCP, DRP, and crisis communications plans and procedures and trained all levels of response staff.

In addition, Goldman has published several articles and conducted seminars annually on various topics. He is also co-founder and senior lecturer at MIT’s “Crisis Management and Business Continuity” professional education summer course.
Steven Goldman
Steven GoldmanSteve Goldman Associates
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