DRJ Announces Matthew Ricks of Stanford University to speak at Fall Conference "Reimagining Business Resiliency"

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Breakout Track 1 – Session 5

Assessing the Resilience of Your IT Portfolio


Monday, September 24, 2018
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Matthew Ricks, Stanford University

Matthew Rick

One of the goals of the BIA process is to establish recovery objectives, but there isn’t a well-defined and prescriptive process to then assess the capabilities of your IT portfolio to meet the required recovery objectives. We will share a model that can be customized and applied in any organization to take an IT-centric view to assessing resilience capabilities. First, IT-specific data must be gathered, either through a questionnaire or a query against your CMDB. Then, the capabilities of each application/system to meet RPO, RTO, and service level targets, as well as the strength of staffing, documentation, and DR plans, are assessed by leveraging a scoring rubric. The output of the model is a composite score for each application/system – based upon an aggregate capability score and a weighting factor – that identifies the services in your IT portfolio that have the greatest gaps in their capabilities, and thus require the highest priority attention for remediation. The logic of the model can either be built with spreadsheets or automated through BCMP platforms.

About Matthew Rick
Matthew Ricks, CBCP, is the senior director of IT Facilities Management and Business Continuity Management at Stanford University.

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