Breakout Track 4

Breakout Track 4 Tuesday, October 1, 2019: 8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Breakout Track 4 – Session 1

Program Initiation Recovery - What to do when the first step fails

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Nicholas Meyer, American Family Insurance
William Marotz, American Family Insurance

Nicholas Meyer William Marotz

Presentation for BC/DR beginners, offering guidance on how to acquire or re-acquire support for the program itself. Focus on program initiation. Audience will be asked to respond to a scenario where they are assigned to lead a BC/DR program, but there is little to no support. Attendees will come away with a better sense of what strategies and approaches can be used to engage management and the workforce for a successful startup.

About Nicholas Meyer
Nicholas Meyer studied anthropology at UW Madison – opted to have an eclectic career in technology instead. 

Started in data entry then became a database administrator, programmer, phone system administrator, and then moved to PC Networking which led to several network consulting roles.  Transitioned to be an IP-centric satellite teleport manager and finally moving into IT Disaster Recovery.  In this role, working with a small team of dedicated co-workers focused on developing and improving the IT Disaster Recovery program for American Family Insurance. 

About William Marotz
William Marotz, MBCP, MBCI, is a Central Wisconsin native born in Berlin, Wisconsin. He served in the United States Marine Corp on active duty from 1971 – 1973 and on inactive reserve from 1973 – 1977. Mr. Marotz is a 1984 graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Sheboygan County Campus.
His professional experience covers 46 years and includes time spent as the Operations Analyst for the Kohler Company; Disaster Recovery Specialist and Y2K Project Manager for Unilever NA; Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Coordinator for Schneider National Inc.; and he currently holds the position of IT Disaster Recovery Specialist for American Family Insurance. His responsibilities include documentation and testing of IT Disaster Recovery Plans as well as Business Continuity and Contingency Plans.

William Marotz was certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute, International (DRII) first as a Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) in 2002 and later as a Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) in 2010. He was admitted as a Member to the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI) September 26, 2012.

Breakout Track 4 – Session 2

Increase Security Resilience by Reducing Human Error

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Cheryl Carmel, OnSolve

Cheryl Carmel

When it comes to cybersecurity, employee negligence is a significant problem for today's organizations. In a recent study, more than 40% of security breaches are caused by employee carelessness*.

The even bigger problem? Most employees don't realize they're negligent.
Join Cheryl Carmel, for this critical and valuable session on how to create employee awareness programs that will reduce your security risk through securing the human.

This session will answer these questions and more:
• What's my organization's cyber risk?
• Who falls victim to phishing bait?
• What's the cost of cyber-errors?
• Why is your organization a target?
• How can we build a culture of cyber-aware employees?

Building a cybersecurity awareness program is essential; creating a successful cybersecurity awareness program is mission-critical.

About Cheryl Carmel,
Cheryl Carmel, vice president security is responsible for developing, maintaining and continual improvement for the governance, risk management, compliance, security and privacy programs at OnSolve. Ms. Carmel the security team is managing, and maintaining compliance to ISO 27001, AICPA SOC 2 Type 2, Privacy Shield and FedRAMP.

Breakout Track 4 – Session 3

Breaking the Mold: Innovative Perspectives on Leadership

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Alice Kaltenmark, The BCI, USA Chapter
Tracey Rice, Fusion Risk Management
Cheyene Marling, BC Management

Alice Kaltenmark Tracey Rice Cheyene Marling

This inspirational group shares the stories of how three successful members of this industry shaped their careers and pushed the profession in new directions. A mix of humor, struggle, success, and lessons learned, this session offers advice on how to stay energized and smash the glass ceiling, through hard work, positivity, and never accepting "good enough" as an answer.

About Alice Kaltenmark
Alice Kaltenmark joined the BCI USA Chapter board as a voluntary board member in 2015 and is currently the chapter president. Alice’s professional experience spans over 20 years in business continuity and disaster recovery in the information solutions industry and over 35 years in IT. She leads the business continuity and disaster recovery program for Core Technology (IT product and infrastructure services) and global ITDR governance for the LexisNexis Legal & Professional division of RELX Group. Alice also serves as the treasurer and past president, Continuity Professionals of Ohio (CPO), a regional non-profit professional association.

About Tracey Rice
With more than twenty years of experience in business continuity, Tracey is an accomplished industry leader and a passionate solutions evangelist, who builds relationships with BCM leaders in enterprise organizations across the globe. As Vice President of Customer Engagement at Fusion Risk Management, Tracey brings customers together, partnering with them to develop innovative solutions and to achieve new levels of program success. Tracey manages Fusion's Regional User Group Program and speaks regularly at regional, national, and global industry events. Her dedication to the industry shows more than just through her work. She is the Career Development Committee Chairperson for the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Editorial Advisory Board, Vice Chairperson for the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) US Chapter Content Committee and an active member of the Philadelphia Network of Women in Careers in Technology. Tracey was awarded BCI Americas 2017 and 2018 Personality of the Year.

About Cheyene Marling
Cheyene Marling is an accomplished entrepreneur who founded BC Management (acquired by Avalution Consulting LLC), a global staffing and research data firm exclusively catering to the business continuity, IT resiliency, crisis management, risk management, security and governance professions. An internationally recognized professional with over twenty years dedicated expertise servicing the business continuity profession.

Breakout Track 4 – Session 4

Digital Transformation and the Gig Economy

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Amber Peters, SAP Digital Interconnect

Speaker Spotlight

Amber Peters

In the gig economy, organizations will digitally transform into entities made up of more temporary workers (predicted to reach 40% by 2020). Additionally, automation and machine learning will rapidly disrupt current organizational setups. In this economy, how organizations communicate with customers, ‘things’, employees and their contingent workforce, will evolve considerably over the next two years. Given evolving regulations, how will an Intelligent Enterprise bust silos of departments and employee types with disparate systems and information, and deliver the right communications quickly to the right people?

Join Amber Peters as she considers how organizations will communicate with customers, devices, employees and contingent workforces during crisis/response management in an increasingly dynamic and complex future.

About Amber Peters
Amber Peters is the Industry Expert for SAP Digital Interconnect.

Breakout Track 4 – Session 5

Your Toolbox for Success

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Joan Landry, Abbott Laboratories

Joan Landry

Gaining the time and resources of your customer base, to focus on contingency planning, is vital to your success. Do you have enough tools to engage your clients so they meet your organization's needs for business continuity planning? In this session, you will learn proven strategies to overcome the resistance of your clients, who place business continuity planning on the back burner. To get the most from this peer-to-peer exchange, you are encouraged to bring your real-world challenges to this session along with your unique tools for overcoming resistance to share with others.

About Joan Landry
Joan Landry, AFBCI, MBCP, PMP is Abbott’s Business Continuity Principle Consultant and an accomplished Toastmaster. Joan leads the governance for business continuity across all of Abbott’s business units. Joan has been with Abbott over 22 years.

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