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Monday, 12 August 2013 18:34

10 IT tips to help businesses weather hurricane season

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can bring business to a screeching halt when an office or plant is damaged or destroyed, and critical infrastructure is offline.

"When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last fall, it resulted in $62 billion in damages and economic losses from businesses that were not able to operate because of flooded buildings, power blackouts and damaged communications infrastructure," said Justin Moore, CEO at Axcient, a provider of cloud solution applications to avoid downtime and data loss.

"However, there were several success stories, where firms had disaster plans in place and were able to leverage cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to weather the storm. Dozens of IT providers in Sandy’s path used the latest technology to spin up virtual offices in the cloud to keep employees productive while waiting for primary systems to come back online or be restored," Moore explains.