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Volume 30, Issue 2

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Tuesday, 05 August 2014 16:10

10 Items which should be in a BCP (and are often forgotten!)

What should a business continuity plan contain? It's important to keep it concise and manageable, but I'm sure we all have our own ideas as to what the 'must have' items are. Charlie Maclean-Bristol of PlanB Consulting takes us through what he thinks the top ten features of a good plan are:

1. Scope. On many of the plans I see it is not clear what the scope of the plan is. The name of the department may be on the front of the plan but it is not always obvious whether this is the whole of the department, which may cover many sites, or just the department based in one location. It should also be clear within strategic and tactical plans what part of the organisation the plan covers. Or does it cover the whole of the organisation? Where large organisations have several entities and subsidiaries it should be clear whether the tactical and strategic plans cover these.