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Monday, 09 January 2017 00:00

69 Percent of Companies Have Suffered Data Loss Due to Employee Turnover

DRJ-LogoAccording to the results of a recent Osterman Research survey of 187 IT and/or HR decision makers, fully 69 percent of respondents have suffered significant data loss resulting from employees who left.

While 96 percent of respondents disable access to employees' mailboxes when they depart, 49 percent don't monitor access to every application and source of data the departing employee used, 47 percent don't delete data used by the departing employee, and 28 don't wipe corporate data from employee-owned devices when they leave the company.

"Whether it's premeditated or simply in error, many employees leave their employers with a wide variety of data types that can include confidential or sensitive financial data, customer information and/or product, sales and marketing roadmaps, as well as other business critical intellectual property," Osterman Research CEO and founder Michael Osterman said in a statement.