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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 16:01

After the Storm—It’s Time to Take Stock of Your Disaster Recovery Plan & Make Improvements

We’ve all seen the news reports, photos, and tragic stories of towns and businesses impacted by natural disasters. Business professionals who are forced to deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster may experience a range of emotions from relief that it’s over and that they had a disaster recovery plan in place to regret that their disaster recovery plan was inadequate or incomplete, or to despair that they never got around to developing a disaster recovery plan at all.

Disasters and how we respond to them are never one-and-done. In the real world, disaster planning for the nextdisruption begins immediately after going through an actual disaster event. This means that the weeks and months immediately following a disaster are the most crucial for evaluating and improving your disaster recovery plan. Aside from the site recovery itself, which may be considerable, it is essential to address deficiencies in your plan as soon as possible and practical. For critical communications, these could include data transmission, materials being redirected, or updates to design that were never shared with the disaster recovery provider.