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Friday, 06 September 2013 16:22

Big Data Drives City of Buffalo's Operation Clean Sweep

CIO — It's often taken for granted that tough economic times lead to a reduction of public services. But that's not what has happened in Buffalo, N.Y., in the past several years. Rather than scale back city services, the city, which has a population of roughly 260,000 people, sought out ways to use big data to deploy services more efficiently and effectively to combat blight.

Under former Mayor Anthony M. Masiello, Buffalo initiated a program called Operation Clean Sweep, a law enforcement-focused program intended to address some of the rust belt city's poorest and most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Under the leadership of current Mayor Byron W. Brown (who took office in December 2005), the Clean Sweep program evolved into a collaborative program that brings together dozens of city departments, as well as partners from state, county and federal agencies and nonprofit health and human services providers.