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Friday, 23 August 2013 22:12

Big Data Gets Bigger as Internet of Things Awakens

Business adoption of Internet of Things solutions will be fast — in fact, as I wrote yesterday, it’s already here for some industries. That’s why CIOs and other IT leaders need to gear up for supporting the unique data issues related to this trend.

Let’s look at what makes the Internet of Things data a bit different from other IT data resources.

The Problem: Mega Big Data. One of the main differences will be in the amount of data you’ll need to sort, improve, integrate, analyze and manage. You’ve heard of Big Data? All these devices, constantly chattering updates about moisture, light, movement and whatnot, will create crazy amounts of Big Data.

IT Requirement: A (possibly real-time stream) data analytics platform that can handle Big Data and a scalable infrastructure to support it.