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Volume 30, Issue 2

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Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:17

Build a Business Continuity Team with Decision Authority

Although most organizations have contemplated – to some degree – the what and how of
business continuity plans, including discussions about the stability of the IT system and
what to do if the company’s facilities or IT infrastructure are compromised, the who is often
overlooked. Assigning business continuity roles and responsibilities to each of your team
members and documenting that information in your plan will ensure that all the details are
handled in a timely and consistent manner. If your organization has no business continuity
plan in place, it’s fine to start out with a small team to lay the groundwork. Starting small is
better than not starting at all!


No one person can, nor should, do it all when it comes to carrying out your business
continuity plan, but it is recommended that every organization identify a Business Continuity
Manager to lead the charge as it relates to the planning and preparedness process. In addition to organization-wide visibility, the Business Continuity Manager must have senior management support that would allow this individual to:

• Authorize budgets and financial support for BCM tools and team members;
• Dedicate time for team members to participate in planning, training, and drills;
• Emphasize the importance of business continuity planning and training across departments; and
• Mandate BCM plan adoption and nurture BCM culture throughout the organization.