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Volume 30, Issue 4

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:29

Business Continuity by Staying (Very) Close to Your Customer

Sometimes in business continuity we end up with such a fierce focus on actions inside the enterprise that we neglect actions directed towards the outside world, and specifically towards our customers.

In the logistics sector for example, among third-party logistics service providers (3PLs), business continuity has not always been a strong point. However, the smarter ones (often the larger ones) have developed a tactic that helps them ride out the rollercoaster conditions of the economy and different natural, political, social, technological, and regulatory upsets.

By getting and staying close to their large customers, 3PLs can gain important visibility into business trends. Some 3PLs take things even further and in concertation with the customer embed part of their personnel into the customer’s organisation.