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Thursday, 05 October 2017 17:57

Business Continuity for Machines? Just a Sec, I’ll Print You Some

You may find this blog article mind-expanding – especially if your natural reaction is to think about its title in two dimensions, rather than three. To set things straight, we’re not talking about paper printouts of Business Continuity Plans that by definition are out of date the moment they are distributed.

We’re talking instead about 3D printing, which has become a practical reality.

Businesses are finding all sorts of uses for it, including the creation on demand and on location of machine spare parts for maintenance and repair, and therefore increased uptime and greater continuity.

In a recent article on the web, consultancy firm PwC suggests several reasons why enterprises can improve their business continuity by using 3D printing. Suppliers of spare parts can look forward to cost savings: the article suggests that within 10 years, German spare parts suppliers will save 3 billion euros annually by using 3D printing.