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Volume 32, Issue 1

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Friday, 18 January 2019 15:14

Business continuity trends and challenges 2019: survey results

For the past five years Continuity Central has conducted an online survey asking business continuity professionals about their expectations for the year ahead. This article provides the results of the most recent survey and identifies some interesting changes from previous years…


134 survey responses were received, with the majority (78.4 percent) being from large organizations (companies with more than 250 employees). 12.7 percent were from small organizations (50 or less employees) and 8.9 percent were from medium sized organizations (51 to 250 employees).

The highest percentage of respondents was from the USA (38.5 percent), followed by the UK (23.1 percent). Significant numbers of responses were also received from Canada (6.1 percent) and Australasia (5.4 percent).

Change levels

The survey asked respondents: ‘What level of changes do you expect to see in the way your organization manages business continuity during 2019?’

12 percent of respondents expect to see no change in the way their organization manages business continuity. 54.1 percent expect to see small changes, whilst a third (33.9 percent) are anticipating large changes.

The 88 percent of respondents expecting to see changes were asked to provide details of the one area that is likely to have the biggest impact on business continuity practices or strategies within their organization. Key themes that emerged were as follows:
‘Making major revisions to BCM strategies and/or BCP(s)’ topped the list of changes that business continuity managers expected to see in 2018 and, in 2019, this was again top of the list, with 22 percent of respondents saying that this was the biggest change they expected to see.