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Monday, 04 August 2014 15:18

Business Continuity VS Disaster Recovery: Which Side of the Fence Are You On?

The debate has been going on for a long time. Is it Business Continuity for business processes and Disaster Recovery for IT? Is Business Continuity just the current term for any preparedness planning going on in the organization? Does it depend on who is the driving force behind the need to create a plan? Was it IT, a business line, Audit or Risk Management that got it started? One thing for sure is that in most companies the people on either side of the fence don’t often talk to each other. And it has been that way for years.

When I did an internet search on the topic of Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery, I found posts going back many years. Just last year (August 27, 2013) Jim Mitchell posted a blog that said, “Unless and until IT and ‘the business’ work together as equal partners in the development of comprehensive Business Continuity, we haven’t moved into a truly ‘post-DR’ world.  As long as the two extremes see themselves as adversaries, they are unlikely to reach true Business Continuity objectives.  As long as they fight separately over the same budget dollars (and we all know who usually wins that battle), they will never truly be partners in organization recoverability.” A year later this is still true.