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Thursday, 07 March 2019 14:26

'Cajun Navy' Came Quickly After Tornadoes, but What Is It, Exactly?

(TNS) — They started Alabama's way from Louisiana as soon as word went out about Sunday's deadly tornadoes in Lee County. It was the same when Hurricane Michael flattened Mexico Beach, Fla., last year. It's been the same since 2016. People were in trouble, and they went on the road.

They're called the Cajun Navy, but they're not one organization. The Louisiana Secretary of State's website lists 11 different organizations with "Cajun Navy" in their name. The best known, perhaps, is Cajun Navy 2016. It is named for the year it was founded by two friends in Baton Rouge after they had volunteered in the catastrophic flooding there.

"We're the ones that have been to the White House multiple times," Vice President Billy Brinegar said Tuesday. "We do things the right way. We try to get involved with the local EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers) or fire departments or whoever, just coordinate with them so they know we're on the scene and we work together."