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Thursday, 05 June 2014 15:27

CEOs, Not CIOs, Drive Data Center Decisions, Study Finds

According to a study recently released by Forrester Consulting, data center related purchasing decisions in companies of all sizes are more likely to be made by the CEO than by the CIO, or by any other IT executive.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss that finding with Matt Miszewski, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Digital Realty, a data center operations services provider in San Francisco, and the company that commissioned the survey. Don’t let that sales and marketing title put you off—Miszewski has solid CIO credentials as the former CIO of the state of Wisconsin. So you’ll be happy to know that he doesn’t talk like a sales and marketing guy.

For starters, I asked Miszewski, based on his experience, whether the fact that CEOs most frequently call the data center shots is a relatively new phenomenon, or the way it’s always been. He responded wearing his former CIO hat: