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Friday, 24 May 2013 13:40

CISOs Need To Evolve As Business Enablers: Airtel

The CISO's today need to manage risks instead of locking down things, said Bharti Airtel's Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Felix Mohan, while delivering a keynote at the recently held India Computer Security Officer at Kovalum, Kerala.

During the keynote Felix highlighted that CISOs need to evolve from the traditional role that they had been entrusted till date, because today the Nexus of Forces is pushing the CISOs to step up as business enablers who are accountable to the company’s profitability. Elaborating on this he said, “For the enterprises to obtain competitive advantage from these disruptive forces, the businesses today needs that their CISOs upgrade their mental attitude from locking down thing to managing risks. Business wants the CISOs to say yes to the Nexus of forces and facilitate the adoption of these by solving the security puzzle, so that the business can benefit from it.”