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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 17:05

Citrix Worx App Gallery – the fastest growing enterprise mobile app ecosystem

Today, Citrix crossed an important milestone in the way enterprises will view apps for work. We announced the general availability of the Citrix Worx App Gallery – an app ecosystem with over 100 committed apps.

So, what is an app ecosystem? Apple and Google created big app ecosystems for iOS and Android that drove the adoption of those platforms, Facebook launched their App Center for social media apps, and Salesforce.com created the App Exchange for SaaS apps. Similarly, the Citrix Worx App Gallery is an ecosystem for enterprise-ready mobile apps.

The enterprise app challenge

End users wish to use different types of apps for work. However, enterprises looking to mobilize apps face a big burden of tasks in order to make apps enterprise-ready and available to their end users. App security tools in the form of app wrappers or SDKs have been bandied about as tools to protect apps. But, for IT there is very little clarity on how an app makes its way from an app vendor into their end users’ device with the necessary policies and controls in place. Often, the solution involves the enterprise identifying apps or app categories that it needs, executing contracts with the app developer, getting the app binaries, applying the security wrapper, verifying the app and then deploying it for end users in an enterprise app store. This process would then start all over when the app or mobile OS is updated, or when the enterprise mobility vendor changes the app security SDK.