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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Friday, 30 August 2013 14:11

Closing the Chasm


I was recently following a discussion on LinkedIn about what Law Firm staff should do to help IT. There were many responses over a period of three months. One response likened IT to fire fighters and staffers to arsonists (LOL – Ben Schorr). Ironically, the specificity of law is not unique to this problem. Legal firms have their own life-cycle and cadence that is certainly unique. The problem of communication and integration of IT and business is worldwide and ubiquitous in all industries.

The basic premise of a law firm is to serve the clientele in matters of the law. IT is also a service (similar to the ever more popular Cloud), which needs to be consumed as such. Often this point is touched upon very lightly or not at all. In fact, some pundits in the industry refer to IT as a commodity or a product. A product (piece of hardware or package of software) is not a solution. Technology enables people and process to create a solution. Thus, ITs basic premise is to serve its clientele in matters of automating processes and assisting people using technology to resolve the problems facing business.