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Thursday, 25 July 2013 15:34

Computerworld Lunch Report: The Future of Storage

Data storage has always been a challenge but in recent times it has become harder to manage, purely because of the sheer amount of information organisations are dealing with. This includes structured data from enterprise systems and unstructured data from social networks – all accessed using connected and increasingly, mobile devices.

These trends have raised significant issues for storage managers around how to best manage capacity to cope with the constant influx of data, while optimising performance, managing disaster recovery activities and controlling costs. At the same time, IT managers and other technologists have more choice than ever when it comes to controlling storage infrastructure – including managing all or parts of their storage onsite or in the cloud.

Throughout May and June, IT leaders discussed these issues and more at a series of Computerworld roundtable events in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, sponsored by IBM.