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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 15:07

Confounded and Confused

The big change has finally started to take effect, with our historic preceptions of terrorism, consequences of decades of mismanagement of the Middle East, the lack of intervention where needed and intervention where not necessary, the lack of political and public will to engage with the idea of ‘home-grown’ terrorism and the enthusiasm for disaffected youth to belong to something that allows them to ‘matter’.

In the UK, we have raised our threat level from International Terrorism to ‘Severe’.  This is in recognition of the fact that there is stated intent to attack the UK ‘homeland’ and its people.  There is known capability and the potential adversaries are motivated and perhaps preparing their plans now – raising the threat level is a sensible caution and allows some focus and thinking about what needs to be done to improve our protective and response capabilities.  The result amongst our population varies from fear about a threat we don’t understand to perhaps understandable scepticism about the motives of the Government and the wish to impose a ‘police state’ regime.