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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Friday, 01 March 2019 14:07

Could a Three‑day Work Week Really Work?

With famous CEOs and big-name proponents of a shorter working week getting their voices heard, Ben Hammersley finds out whether more time out of the office – with the same amount of work to do – really can be achieved

On the face of it, it’s kind of a classic line for a billionaire who owns a tropical island paradise to say. The sort of statement that, when read on a rainy commute home from another 60-hour week would usually result in the newspaper being tossed aside. But, when Sir Richard Branson opined in a blog post that flexible working, with unlimited holiday time, is the way to achieve happiness and success at work, he wasn’t just talking about senior management. It was about everyone. Further still, according to CNBC, he’s recommending even longer weekends:

“Many people out there would love three-day or even four-day weekends,” he reportedly said. “Everyone would welcome more time to spend with their loved ones, more time to get fit and healthy and more time to explore the world.”