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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Friday, 11 July 2014 15:04

Dancing in the Dark: What will you do when the Lights go out?

Many organizations fail to acknowledge that the scenario most likely to cause a business disruption is an electrical outage.  Without power, everything can grind to a halt.

A sudden loss of electrical power can result from weather, mechanical malfunction, human error or any number of other less common causes (sabotage, solar flares, etc.).  Minutes or days may pass before power is restored.  What should you do to prepare?

Create a Power Outage Policy

A policy may take the form of “How long will we wait before we let everyone go home?”  That’s practical, but not a very effective Business Continuity strategy.  Or make dismissal decisions based on time-of-day: if the RTOs (or MAD) for local business processes are greater than the hours remaining in the workday, everyone goes home.