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Friday, 15 December 2017 15:27

Data Center Managers, Expect Lots of Changes in 2018

Across America, people are winding down for the Christmas season. Some of them will already be looking beyond the holiday’s excesses to 2018, and thinking about what it will bring. AFCOM turned to industry experts to find out what emerging trends they expect to impact the data center environment in the coming 12 months. Their responses covered a broad set of topics from the organizational to the technical. Here are some of the most insightful predictions from those that study data center operations, and those that work at its sharp end.

Good People Will be Harder to Find

One of the biggest challenges facing data center managers in 2018 will be finding the right people fro the job. Rhonda Ascierto, research director for the data center technologies and eco-efficient IT channel at 451 Research, warns that talent management and staff shortages will both present risks in the coming year.

She believes that staff shortages will put a particular squeeze on facilities operations. “A lot of data center facilities staff are aging, frankly, and have been with the job for decades,” she warns.