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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 14:43

Digital Myth No. 5: Every Tech Vendor Is An Expert In Digital Transformation

While every tech vendor seems to lay claim to being an expert in digital transformation, it stands to reason that not all can be. For sure, there are many vendors with experience helping clients create new customer or employee digital experiences, but this experience doesn’t make them experts in digital business transformation.

For 20 years, Forrester has been extolling the virtues of improving customer experience – we’ve even proven the value of delivering world-class experiences, including digital experiences.

And over these years, many of our clients have successfully mapped customer journeys and improved touchpoints, all the while seeing gradual improvements in their Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores.

But what happens when everyone’s customer journeys are optimized and when all digital experiences begin to look similar? As customer expectations rise, you must invest to improve touchpoints just to remain competitive. Without a major shift in how your leadership thinks about digital, your firm will struggle to break out from the pack.