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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 14:14

Eight steps for a dependable disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery (DR) is an essential part of any business protocol, but each year we see numerous organizations fall short. By following these eight basic principles, Rod Harrison says that businesses can ensure that they have a complete DR plan that will provide full business continuity...

Make a thorough DR plan and keep it updated

Although it sounds like the obvious starting point, making a DR plan and keeping it updated is critical. While most businesses have some form of a plan in place, many fail to keep it regularly updated – leaving them vulnerable should a disaster strike.

Businesses should also work out how quickly they must recover, as this will influence the overall strategy. Different data sets will likely need to be recovered more quickly than others. Although everyone’s ideal objective is to recover immediately with zero downtime, the reality is that the more quickly you need to recover the more expensive it will be to implement. Therefore, it’s important to balance the cost with other requirements. For some businesses, it could be that a few hours or days of downtime will have limited impact, but for others the need to regain operations within a matter of seconds or even micro-seconds is critical.