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Volume 32, Issue 2

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Thursday, 28 February 2019 15:05

Embracing DevSecOps: 5 Processes to Improve DevOps Security

In the cyber threat climate of the 21st century, sticking with DevOps is no longer an option

In 2016, about eight years following the birth of DevOps as the new software delivery paradigm, Hewlett Packard Enterprise released a survey of professionals working in this field. The goal of the report was to gauge application security sentiment, and it found nearly 100% of respondents agreed that DevOps offers opportunities to improve overall software security.

Something else that the HPE report revealed was a false sense of security among developers since only 20% of them actually conducted security testing during the DevOps process, and 17% admitted to not using any security strategies before the application delivery stage.

Another worrisome finding in the HPE report was that the ratio of security specialists to software developers in the DevOps world was 1:80. As can be expected, this low ratio had an impact among clients that rely on DevOps because security issues were detected during the configuration and monitoring stages, thereby calling into question the efficiency of DevOps as a methodology.