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Volume 30, Issue 1

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Friday, 16 August 2013 16:20

Ensure Business Continuity in Any Situation

It would be impossible for a company that has no disaster recovery (DR) plan in place to continue business after a severe hacker attack, fire, flood or tornado. And yet, many companies still do not have solid DR strategies developed. Businesses often find it challenging to make a case for a business continuity plan, much less devote funds, people and time to its creation “just in case” something were to happen someday.

Every minute your business systems spend down is a loss of revenue. For your enterprise to ensure its continued services after an emergency situation, having an extensive DR strategy is critical.

Our IT Download, Business Continuity: Considerations, Risks, Tips and More, provides instruction on how to develop a business recovery strategy. According to this report:

…Executives know that downtime equals lost dollars and that every minute spent on recovery data and systems is time taken away from running their business. This results in a lack of productivity and a poor customer response time. Companies can create a resilient IT infrastructure with automated disaster recovery (DR) for any service, any time and any place…