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Volume 31, Issue 4

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Monday, 22 January 2018 15:28

Forecasting the Risk and Security Landscape in 2018

To kick off the new year, industry experts and hosts of our new podcast, The Watchdog, Brian McIlravey and Tim Chisholm sat down to chat about their forecasts for the shifting risk and security landscape this year and how practitioners can stay ahead of the curve. Read the full guide to the top corporate security threats of 2018 here.

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Tim Chisholm: All right. It’s a new year, Brian.

Brian McIlravey: It is, Tim. It’s 2018. How do you think the planet is this month, Tim?

Tim Chisholm: The planet has maybe been in better shape before. But what do you think? Where are you sitting? How are you feeling?

Brian McIlravey: There are all kinds of different charts on the top security risks that pop out for 2018, and they’re all very similar. But in terms of Resolver’s guide to the top risk and security trends of 2018, I went through a bunch of them and found some patterns that were very interesting. What I’m going to do is focus it down to two that I think are very prevalent. One that’s been common going back to probably about 1811 is natural disasters. I mean, there’s some risks that we know are going to be on this list every single year. But there was an article that came out about the planet and natural disasters that I found especially fascinating – 2017 was the most costly U.S. disaster year on record just in terms of the massive, massive amount of billions spent—which you might expect given the significant disasters that happened this year.