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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Thursday, 18 January 2018 16:03

Hiring Cloud Talent Will Improve Cybersecurity

Public, private and hybrid cloud environments are more accessible than ever, allowing organizations to scale more quickly and efficiently. With more companies migrating to the cloud, concerns for data protection also increase. From safely enabling SaaS applications to securing physical data centers, the adoption of cloud technologies will, in large part, depend on the perception of the cloud as being “safe.”

While cloud technologies offer efficiencies of cost and scale, they also create a challenge in securing the hybrid world of on-premises, platform and cloud security. The reality is that as cloud adoption continues to rise, the value of the data stored within the cloud rises as well, and cybersecurity threats aimed at the cloud will increase in intensity and frequency.

This makes it critical that today’s organizations have a plan in place for hiring elite cloud talent who are prepared tackle tomorrow’s toughtest cybersecurity challenges, because use of advanced cloud technologies will require a security strategy that matches the requirements of cloud products and services themselves.