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Thursday, 27 June 2013 15:04

How Important Is The Concept Of “Five Nines” To Your Business?

A seeming innocuous phrase that sounds as if it could be the name given to a downtown district of a sprawling metropolis or a local sports team, “Five Nines” actually refers to a desired level of system availability.

Ever since man began to create and use more complex machines and tools he has been locked in an eternal battle to keep them working and to improve their performance. But the emergence of cloud computing has freed many companies from the daily tussle between hardware, software, random events and erratic connectivity.

The idea of Five Nines is a classic case of an essentially contested concept, and the debates that whirl across the internet over its validity as a concern of modern businesses demonstrate that it cuts to the very heart of the direction that cloud services are heading in.

But can such a contentious subject be of any use to you and your business?