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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 15:06

How Safe Is Your Business?

Why Cybersecurity Equals Job Security for CEOs, CFOs and Others

How much do you worry about being hacked? How much should you worry? In 2017, cyber-attacks doubled from 2016 levels—and the insider phrase now is “It’s not if, but when, you’ll be attacked.” In fact, organizations are silently and invisibly breached every day, with the private and confidential information of consumers, customers or corporations harvested leisurely by terrorists and criminals.

Obviously, this has become an issue that CEOs and other leaders need to take much more seriously than in the past. Amazingly, these breaches do not result from decisions made at the brain-surgeon level. Most cybersecurity (cyber) hacks are enabled by simple errors or laxity in areas like basic software and IT hygiene. This includes the failure to provide minimal security awareness training.

Why does this happen? Well … who likes changing passwords, or waiting for that security-code text or phone call, especially when you have ever-growing workloads and tight deadlines? And “the Suits” exempt themselves from the basic common-sense procedures which everyone else must endure. Hacks become inevitable.