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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Thursday, 31 August 2017 20:27

I’m in the Cloud. Now I Don’t Need Disaster Recovery

Whew! I’m safe! I’m in the cloud, I don’t need a disaster plan!

Please don’t agree with me. I had chills just writing that. Look, it is very exciting to be out of the datacenter business. No more worries about cabinets, cables, or cooling. No more pesky power issues, counting rack units, or server procurement. 100% software defined datacenter, baby! It’s a dream and the conclusion of a many-year strategy for many. Or perhaps you’re one of the new, hip kids living the dream with containers and continuous integration.

Sure, many clouds can offer uptime SLAs, security, and features that many individual businesses could not duplicate, and we can assume, if you are now all-in-cloud, that your business uptime requirements are met when the cloud meets their SLA. However, the most important questions to ask is: “Is the business uptime requirement met if my provider doesn’t meet their SLA?” And, if they broke the uptime SLA, you’re out of guarantees. Is the business willing to risk uptime based on that SLA?